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What has Covid-19 taught us?

I'm really tired of talking about Covid-19. The arguments, the politics, the threats, and the unknown feels like a weight around the neck. The way I frame the pandemic is also how I make choices in the future.

I think the best question we can ask ourselves is "what have we learned as a society from the pandemic." Here's my short list:

1) We need to be cleaner
  • Cleaning hands and homes
  • Cleaning and preparing foods
  • Treating sickness with isolation
2) We need to change faster
  • Businesses, Education, Homes need to be adaptable and willing to change
  • Hospitals and clinics need to stop treating Emergency Preparedness as a "nice to have" department
3) We need to be prepared
  • Hospitals and Labs need to be better funded and prepared for pandemics
  • Homes need to think defensively: reduce risks, change behaviors, live differently
4) We need to think globally
  • We didn't get into this mess because of China. They might have started the fire but blaming other countries does not fix the problems we face
  • Working together with other countries (as partners) needs to be improved
How has Covid-19 made you be cleaner, change faster, be more prepared and think global in your daily life?

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” - Ben Franklin



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