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Living in COVID times

An amazing man whom I respect wrote this post:

"I’m NOT a doctor or a scientist. 
But I have an opinion.

As a Christian, I believe God Almighty created our immune system to protect us. 

But it can’t do it’s job unless it’s exposed to viruses like #covid19. 

I think in the near future, they’ll discover that masks were NOT helpful (except at a higher risk). 

That it would have been better to get exposed, get over it, get exposed, get over it, for 5-7 times and then you’ll have immunity

Here is my response:

I understand the logic, your faith position and agree with most of it. 

Not everyone has a good immune system at all times. If we could somehow quantify the level of each person's immunity, we could face COVID and live differently. 

There is a fine line between faith and presumption. We live by faith and not by sight. We also don't put God (or ourselves) to a foolish test. We protect ourselves to the best ability and trust God for his help. 

There is always two sides, two parts of responsibility in this world. We do our part and God performs his Word and Will. We are partners on earth. 

We should never willingly fail in our part and God will not fail us in His part. So the decision, our responsibility in COVID, is pretty clear to me. 


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