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When you get COVID-19

I used to think I could be careful enough to avoid COVID-19 since we haven't been in the places where it was most active (bars, restaurants, etc.). This week I came down with a terrible sinus headache that I mistook for a broken tooth filing. When my dentist didn't find any problems, I considered this to be a bad sinus issue and nothing more. I was tested positive at work for the first time the next day. After getting COVID, I realized how unprepared we were. While I don't have a lot of money for such emergencies, I found things you can have on hand to make the experience a little less troublesome. The State of Virginia has this simple guide as a start: Prescribed medicines and supplies, such as glucose meters and blood-pressure monitoring equipment  Soap and water  Alcohol-based hand cleaner, such as Purell® or store-brand  Medicines for fever and pain, such as acetaminophen and ibupro