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When you get COVID-19

I used to think I could be careful enough to avoid COVID-19 since we haven't been in the places where it was most active (bars, restaurants, etc.). This week I came down with a terrible sinus headache that I mistook for a broken tooth filing. When my dentist didn't find any problems, I considered this to be a bad sinus issue and nothing more. I was tested positive at work for the first time the next day. After getting COVID, I realized how unprepared we were. While I don't have a lot of money for such emergencies, I found things you can have on hand to make the experience a little less troublesome. The State of Virginia has this simple guide as a start: Prescribed medicines and supplies, such as glucose meters and blood-pressure monitoring equipment  Soap and water  Alcohol-based hand cleaner, such as Purell® or store-brand  Medicines for fever and pain, such as acetaminophen and ibupro

Strength pushed

"Strength, even pushed to the breaking limit, becomes stronger." - M.P. Potter

Living in COVID times

An amazing man whom I respect wrote this post: "I’m NOT a doctor or a scientist.  But I have an opinion. As a Christian, I believe God Almighty created our immune system to protect us.  But it can’t do it’s job unless it’s exposed to viruses like #covid19.  I think in the near future, they’ll discover that masks were NOT helpful (except at a higher risk).  That it would have been better to get exposed, get over it, get exposed, get over it, for 5-7 times and then you’ll have immunity Here is my response: I understand the logic, your faith position and agree with most of it.  Not everyone has a good immune system at all times. If we could somehow quantify the level of each person's immunity, we could face COVID and live differently.  There is a fine line between faith and presumption. We live by faith and not by sight. We also don't put God (or ourselves) to a foolish test. We protect ourselves to the best ability and trust God for his help.  There is always two sides, two

What has Covid-19 taught us?

I'm really tired of talking about Covid-19. The arguments, the politics, the threats, and the unknown feels like a weight around the neck. The way I frame the pandemic is also how I make choices in the future. I think the best question we can ask ourselves is " what have we learned as a society from the pandemic ." Here's my short list: 1) We need to be cleaner Cleaning hands and homes Cleaning and preparing foods Treating sickness with isolation 2) We need to change faster Businesses, Education, Homes need to be adaptable and willing to change Hospitals and clinics need to stop treating Emergency Preparedness as a "nice to have" department 3) We need to be prepared Hospitals and Labs need to be better funded and prepared for pandemics Homes need to think defensively: reduce risks, change behaviors, live differently 4) We need to think globally We didn't get into this mess because of China. They might have started the fire but blaming other countries doe

How will you face the pandemic?

How do we deal with COVID-19, protect ourselves, kids in school and the elderly? Go Ask Ben. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure .” ― Benjamin Franklin Hand washing, sanitizers, shields, masks, distancing and cleaning are the ounce of prevention. Regardless of where you stand on the science or politics in Covid-19, you still have to choose an approach to personally respond to it. If Ben is right, we will always "pay" by the ounce or the pound.